Diet Update: Week Something or Other

So. The diet. I’ve been dinking around enough this summer, and I’ve come to face the cold hard truth: I need to be back on this diet. Now. In fact, I started up officially yesterday. Why did I go back on the strict diet?

Because so far I’ve been terrible at watching what I eat otherwise.

I was up in the 196 range, and we all know what comes after that: the 200 range.

So as of today, I’m back at 194.2, just a hair under the line so I’m “Normal” and not “Overweight.”

Clearly I still need work on the whole “maintenance” lifestyle. It’s just that ice cream and cookies and s’mores and brownies and cake are all so . . . good. And I love baking. And eating. It’s a bad combination.

I also need to do better at exercising regularly when I’m not dieting. I feel better when I do. I know that–and yet I don’t do it. This all actually brings to mind a thought experiment I read about the other day (which I unfortunately can’t find to quote exactly at the moment). There is a discomfort scale from 1-100. Everyone starts at 1, but if they move up one notch on the scale, they get a certain amount of money–say $100,000. However, they can only move up the scale–never down it. Basically, it becomes an experiment where people decide how much discomfort is worth. And when you get down to it, that’s what this whole diet thing is for me. I know it’s healthier for me to eat well and exercise regularly–but it’s more relaxing and enjoyable to just pig out and be lazy. And yet pigging out and being lazy come with long term health risks . . .

So anyway. This is just to say that you can expect me blogging about my lousy weight again each week, even if I don’t really want to. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Diet Update: Week Something or Other”

  1. You can do it!! Maybe at this stage of the diet, you need to get some smaller clothes, so that you get more immediate feedback when you gain a pound or two. Baggy clothes for me don’t let me know soon enough that I’ve gained a few pounds, and tight clothes are a good reminder that maybe I don’t need a cookie today.

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