Diet Update: Week Three

Week three has come and gone, and the diet soldiers on. You all know that I had some speed bumps this week, what with that whole Daddy Daughter Dance that put on 2.4 pounds in a single day. But I’m happy to say I managed to watch myself pretty closely the rest of the time, and so it all has a happy ending.

I weighed in this morning at 207.8, meaning I lost 1.2 pounds last week, and I’m now up to 6.2 pounds total. That’s .2 pounds less than my goal of 1.4 pounds per week, but I’m still well ahead of the goal as far as total loss goes.

Exercise continues. I don’t always love it, but I will say that I’m beginning to recognize that I feel a fair bit better after I’ve done it each day. Maybe there’s something to be said for it after all.

That said, the diet is by no means a cakewalk. I went to a wedding reception Saturday afternoon, and there was a huge spread, including my kryptonite: mint brownies. I ate a bit of fruit, and that was it. No fun at all.

I’m eating around 1600 calories a day these days, and then I top off my calorie count by splurging on some ice cream every evening. This ups my total to 1900 or so, but also makes me feel like I’m not totally punishing myself. That helps. Still, I’m pretty much always hungry–enough that it doesn’t really stand out at any one moment, so that’s something.

It’s interesting and heartening to see the total number getting bigger and bigger. I’ve dropped my BMI from 27.5 down to 26.7 so far, moving me out of the middle of the Overweight pack and heading down to Normal. Seeing as how my all time high (as I recall) was 30.6 (obese), it’s good to know that all my dieting has at least always kept my weight in a general downward slope.

Anyway–I still haven’t been sick since the diet started. I feel like I have more energy, and besides being grumpy about being hungry, I feel better all around. So far, so good.

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Everyone has to find what works for them–personally, 2 cookies with a glass of milk in the afternoon is the only thing that stands between me and a full-on binge. Congratulations on your weight loss!

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