Diet Update: Week Twelve

Twelve weeks in the history books now. It’s been another rough week, diet-wise–even though the reason for that sounds pretty stupid. About a year ago, I won 20 free meals at the cafeteria on campus. They expire on Friday.

I’ve been taking the fam to the cafeteria to use them up. The only thing is, they keep not charging for the kids, so the meals have been going much further than I thought they would. I love eating at the cafeteria. It’s great food, easy to do, the kids love it, and it’s all you can eat.

My willpower is getting a lot of practice, though. I think I’ve eaten out at least 4 times this week. 3 of those all-you-can-eat affairs. The good news is that all that practice has helped me somewhat. I now know to go in and start with a huge salad. I skip the chocolate milk in favor of water. Have a slice or two of pizza, a dish of ice cream, and some fruit. The end. I feel full, and I don’t put on weight.

I don’t *lose* weight, but I don’t put it on. That’s something, right?

This morning I clocked in at 194.6, meaning I lost .8 pounds this week. Definitely on the low side, but still loss. My total is now 19.4 pounds. Getting closer to that 20 lb mark! And while the loss was low, I was encouraged to see that I could go to the cafeteria multiple times, splurge a bit, and still keep the weight off. That’s what I need, long-term.

Onward and downward!

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