Disgusting Family Fun

We took the kids to the coast this past weekend, exploring different towns and villages that we haven’t been to before. (Stonington is very picturesque, in case you were wondering). On the way back, we stopped in Belfast, and we parked in front of a candy store. Parent pro-tip: parking in front of a candy store is, generally speaking, a Bad Idea. Unless you want to come home with candy, in which case it’s a very good idea.

We came home with candy.

But while I was in the candy store, a package of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled jelly beans caught my eye. They’re basically Bertie Botts Every Flavor jelly beans, just with a different brand name (and cheaper in that candy store). I picked up a pack for later, thinking it would be a fun family activity.

“Later” came last night. For Family Home Evening, I brought out the package and we had a brief talk about how you can’t judge things by how they look. The Bean Boozled beans were the object lesson.

I don’t know how well it worked as an object lesson, but as far as a fun activity goes, it was a roaring success. We just went in order (youngest to oldest). I’d pull out a bean at random and announce the possible flavors it might be, and then we all got to watch as the person had to pop it in their mouth and chew a few times.

My most harrowing experience? Coconut Jelly Bellies are awesome. Their identical twin? Baby wipes. “Don’t worry, Dad,” TRC assured me. “I’ve had those before. They’re actually pretty good.”

It literally tasted like I’d wadded up a baby wipe and stuffed it in my mouth.

TRC couldn’t get it. I told him that maybe once he’d changed more diapers, the appeal of that taste might dwindle a bit.

Other particularly disgusting flavors included moldy cheese, booger, and puke. This is basically Russian roulette without the chance of dying. Just getting disgusted. Interestingly, after a while, it was hard to tell what a flavor was until you’d had it in your mouth for a bit. You couldn’t tell if you liked something or disliked it until five seconds or so, and then you *really* knew.

Anyway. Just thought I’d pass the suggestion on . . .

And watch out for the baby wipe flavored beans.

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