Disney on Ice–Happy Birthday, DC!

We celebrated DC’s birthday this past weekend. Hard to believe the little girl is already four years old. Not so little, either. She’s working hard to become the lead volleyball player at BYU. 🙂

As part of the festivities, we’d been given tickets to Disney on Ice as a present back at Christmas, and DC had been looking forward to going since we got them. (Of course, she called it “Disney World on Ice”–I had to keep emphasizing to her that we were not, in fact, going to Disney World. Have to keep the expectations down somehow. There’s a chance I’ve been to Disney on Ice before–I seem to recall something in my distant past. Icecapades? In any case, it’s been a while. So we packed the family in the car and headed down to Portland.


Smashing success. TRC wasn’t exactly blown away by it. (His review? “Well, nobody fell when they weren’t supposed to.”) But DC thought it was the best thing ever. She was convinced it was all put on especially for her on her birthday–every time someone would wave at the crowd, she turned to Denisa and said, “They’re waving at me!” Very cute.

I had a good time, as well. Not saying that I want to go every year or anything (there were some teens there by themselves, and I wondered what the draw was for anyone without small children). But still, any time I get to watch my kids enjoying themselves is a good time in my book. Some of the routines were really inventive–I especially liked the costumes they had for the Alice in Wonderland sequence, where skaters were dressed up like playing cards with faces on each side of them. Hard to explain, but cool to watch.

One thing I didn’t like so much? The prices of the concessions. They’re waltzing around selling plastic swords for $22, cotton candy for $12–it’s such a total ripoff, and yet you have parents biting left and right because their kids look up at them pleadingly and ask for something. I was proud of TRC–he found out how much they were and was shocked as well.

I’m raising a cheapskate. 🙂

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