Disturbed in Disturbia

Watched Disturbia last night, and I was well and truly freaked out. I liked it so much more than I had any inkling I would, which was a very nice surprise. Of course, DKC was less than amused by how scary it was–she’s not one for scary movies. For those who don’t know, Disturbia is a “remake” of Hitchcock’s Rear Window (not officially a remake according to licensing rights, but the connection is unmistakable). I went into the movie really not expecting much. I mean–come on. Why in the world make a remake of a movie that was so well done? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because they adapted the movie, practically changing genres of the film. The original was very tense and also very much a Hitchcock movie. A classic thriller. The new one is very much a modern thriller. I can be more specific about that, but just think about the differences in movie technique between thrillers made in the fifties and those done today, and that sums this up well. A very strong three stars for me. Highly recommended–especially in Blu-Ray with surround sound. Talk about scary. (Just remember, though–I scare easy when it comes to movies . . . ) Janci–have you seen this one? I’d be curious on your take.

It’s been snowing all day here today. I’ll get to go home and play with the snow blower again. Fun. Oh–and I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson. Fantastic mystery by a guy in Sweden who wrote a trilogy and then died of a heart attack before it was ever published. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although as a warning to those who care: it would be R-rated if it were a movie. If that bothers you, move along. Nothing to see here.

Time to finish up work and slip and slide my way home.

5 thoughts on “Disturbed in Disturbia”

  1. I haven’t. Maybe I’ll have to check it out.
    (I also haven’t seen Rear Window. *cringe* Drew’s been bugging me about that. I’ll have to watch that one first. I saw the remake with Christopher Reeve, which was rather unfortunate.)

  2. Wait. You saw the REMAKE, and you didn’t see the original? What a letdown. Rear Window’s one of those movies you only get one shot at. Once you’re on to what’s happening, it loses some of the oomph. So it won’t be as awesome of a viewing experience as it could have been for you–but it’ll still knock your socks off. Fantastic movie.

  3. I doubt it’s ruined, because I saw the remake when I was probably 16, and pretty much all I remember about it was that it was bad. So I’m a mostly clean slate. I know it’s about a guy who’s essentially a voyeur and witnesses a crime, but I knew that before I saw the remake.

  4. But that’s the thing–if you really go into it blind, you don’t know that he actually witnesses a crime . . .
    Still, good that you saw it so long ago. Go out and watch it now. I have a copy–you’re welcome to come watch it here.

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