Down in DC for the Week

Howdy, folks. I’m down in Washington DC this week, attending a week long conference called the Leading Change Institute, one of the premier library/IT conferences in the country. I came down Saturday, and I’m here through Friday, and in the time between, I’m busy busy busy. It’s an all day sort of thing, with proceedings starting around 8:30 or so and going until the evening.

On a practical note, that means I have no idea how many blog posts I’m going to be able to get to. My hope is to write a few ahead of time and have them autopost to Facebook for me, but a lot of that plan depends on my ability to come up with interesting things to say all at once. Believe it or not, coming up with good topics is a continuous struggle. Sometimes I’m more successful than others. Doing it all at once? That can get dicey.

My biggest worry is actually that I won’t have time to write my weekly Pick Your Own YA Fantasy entry, so I’m going to try and make sure to churn that out as soon as I can. I’m also lucky from a writing perspective that I’m in revision mode at the moment. That means I’m just rereading my PETER PAN adaptation each day. As I’m looking over it, I’ve been very happy with how well it turned out so far. A very fun book to read, and not a whole lot of work needed to make it consistent with my original vision. (That isn’t to say it won’t need a lot of work. I’m just looking over it now to make sure I’m happy with what it looks like. After that, it’ll go to alpha readers and my agents for a closer look. No matter how good of a reader I think I am for others, the sad truth is that evaluating my own work accurately is something I’m pretty bad at. No idea how to get better.)

But for now, I just need to read some every day, and I get to feel like I’m getting my necessary writing time in. Yay for planning things out ahead of time!

Anyway. That’s my schedule this week. If I seem less present online, it’s because I’m otherwise occupied. Try not to break the internet while I’m distracted.

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