Downton Abbey 5.2: Bringing Sexy Back

(I went ice fishing yesterday, and I’m putting my post on that up tomorrow instead of today. See the love and attention I give you Downton fans? I asked you last week if you were still reading, and you said yes. And here I am, ready to provide your weekly Downton fix.)

Let me say right off the bat that I’ve been impressed with this season so far. We’re two episodes in, and there’s only one plot line that’s driving me insane for far. Even then, it’s a plot that’s driven by character choices and not bizarre circumstances (though there’s hints of bizarre circumstances headed our way). Still, it’s avoided anything like soap opera shenanigans or after school special of the week-itis. Yay for that. This week’s show was strong again. Here’s a rundown of some of my thoughts:

  • The biggest one is definitely Mary going off on her sexcapade with Gillipants. I got a kick out of Anna having to go buy the unmentionable. Ha ha. Tee hee. But the whole argument that “I’m going to be stuck with this guy in a smaller house, and if I don’t like him in the sack, I think I’ll go mad” doesn’t hold a whole lot of water with me. It might work for a different character (Rose, for example), but Lady Mary? Please. I don’t see it. Then again, she is the one who jumped in bed with the Turk back in the first season, so maybe I’m just refusing to see what’s right there in front of me. Or maybe it’s because I can’t stand the oily little rich guy. Ugh.
  • Edith remains the not very bright sister. The Godmother approach to raising her child is about as contrived as it can get, and I’m glad the adopted mother isn’t falling for the hijinks. But at the same time, it seems just like something Edith would do. When brains were being handed out to the Grantham daughters, Sybil took a serving, Mary took two, and Edith wandered off somewhere to look at something shiny.
  • Tom becoming more of a firebrand again–I’m still okay with this. I want him pushing back. It doesn’t make sense that he’d have given up to the point he has so far in the show. But I don’t want him swinging too far the other direction. So far, they’ve handled this well. I hope it continues.
  • I wonder when we’ll get the spinoff to Downton, where it’s basically The Odd Couple, but with Violet and Isobel. Comedy gold, folks. Comedy gold!!!
  • I like how Molesley is becoming less of a running gag and more of a character. Some nice touches there, even if he’s still mainly around to look stupid.
  • The radio bit was hilarious, and so well done. Standing during the king’s speech, for one thing. Fantastic. They had a lot of fun with that arc, and it shows. Perfect for the series–illustrating how all these different characters and classes are interacting and responding to the changing times. Well done.
  • Thomas’s discussion with Anna almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. Big bonus points for that. I like viewing him as a self-destructive villain who wishes he could be something different at times, but just can’t let go of the hate.
  • Where oh where shall we put the memorial? Another fun plot, and interesting to see how it all played out. So much of a good time can be had out of this show when they just stick to the day to day lives of these people. No need for extravagant, outlandish circumstances. Like murders or rapes or things like that. Maybe they’ve learned their lesson?
  • Oh wait. Intimations of trouble for Mr. Bates. Maybe they haven’t. Here’s where I get a bit troubled. Didn’t we already do this plot with Bates? The whole “accused of murder and now has to have an investigation and go to trial” thing? Why are we recycling it–for the same character, no less? Seems a bit “been there, done that” to me.

But hey, I don’t have much to complain about, and that keeps me watching. Yay for that. How about all you lovely Downtonites out there? Any issues you’ve been having? Anything I missed? Speak up!

2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey 5.2: Bringing Sexy Back”

  1. I actually like Gillipants – which is how I know Mary won’t end up with him. Well, “with him” – yes, for an hour or two, but not married to him. And I happen to feel sorry for Edith. I’m sure I’m the exact target demographic of the producers, so I suppose they have won.

  2. “With him” for a week or so. Ugh. Surely she’ll come to her senses in about five minutes. Maybe Gilliipants could end up with Edith . . .

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