Exercise Does Not Equal Weight Loss

For today’s interesting article, there’s a fascinating report in Time about how exercise often results in weight gain, not weight loss. I’ll say that as I read it over, I found a lot of stuff in there that matches my own most recent weight loss experience (32.2 pounds as of this morning, by the way). I said right from the beginning that I didn’t want to exercise to lose it–primarily because I was looking for a lifestyle change–one that I could actually stick with. I’ve never been able to consistently exercise. But I thought I might be able to alter my diet. Once I started tracking exactly what I ate (right down to weighing most of my food these days–that kitchen scale has been probably the best investment in weight loss that I’ve ever made), I was surprised at just where my calories are coming from. Anyway–just thought it was interesting.

And on another note, TRC just passed the Level One swim test this morning. He’s officially on to Level Two, and he’s very proud of himself. If you see him, congratulate him–he’d love to brag to anyone who will listen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Facinating
    Great article. I am linking to it AGAIN.
    Wait, maybe I didn’t link to the other one… did I ? I forget

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