Family Newsletter, Snow Day, and Mailing the Contract

the farley family reunionCare to sample this year’s Christmas newsletter that we made? It’s kind of a beast to make print copies, so we didn’t send one to a whole lot of people. Also, the print version has a special “Buttersby Saves Christmas” short story that I don’t really fancy having kicking around the internet, so it’s been removed from this copy. But other than that, it’s all there in its original glory.


Now if you don’t mind me, they’ve called a half day at work due to the snow, so I’m going to pack up, go home and celebrate the fact that I’m sending back my contract to Vodnik on the way home. Signed it on the auspicious 1/11/11 date, so at least it’ll always be easy to remember when I signed my first contract. 🙂 Editorial letter should arrive here soon, at which point I’ll go back into revision mode. For now, I’m almost 20,000 words into Tarnhelm, which is what I decided to write while I was waiting. I’m about 10,000 words farther than I thought I’d get. Actually thoroughly enjoying it. The protagonist is hugely different than any I’ve written before, and it’s been fun to have a change up. Often I choose to write about main characters that are fairly clueless. This one (Harvey) actually knows what he’s doing, more or less. Nice.

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