Foundations and Have You Seen It

First, the day to day life description: I was under my house for a while yesterday, working on the foundation. It’s amazing what sort of junk was under there. Shoe inserts, milk jug caps, kid pants, shirts . . . and lots of spiders and dirt, but that was to be expected. Did I mention I’m claustrophobic? Not really bad (or else I wouldn’t have gone under there), but enough to dislike elevators, cramped caves and crawlspaces. But I survived to blog another day, for which you’re all tremendously grateful, no doubt.

Also, I’m very happy that today is the last day I have to go do these student workshops at the library in the evening. So far, no one has shown up for one of the evening workshops, so it ends up being a tremendous waste of time. At least I get to talk to the other librarians who show up to waste their time with me. After tonight, no more!

And now, for the real reason you’re all reading this: your chance to take the lead in Have You Seen It? When last we met, the score was dead even: 1-1. But now, we go into round 3. Not sure what’s going to happen here. On the one hand, I know some of my readers have seen their fair share of British films. On the other, Netflix has over 100,000 movies available through its site–but not this one. It’s an Alec Guinness: The Scapegoat.

A gem of a film, really. The set up is simple: two men meet in Paris and discover their practically identical twins (just not related). Think Prince and the Pauper, except the switcheroo is forced, not voluntary; one of the men wakes up to find the other has left him with his identity. I don’t want to give away too much here, but the way it all played out was fascinating. The one man hated his life because he had too many troubles and needy family. The other disliked his situation because he had too few. And when he was saddled with someone else’s problems, the way he responded was very thought provoking. Three and a half stars. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Did I mention it has Bette Davis in it, too? What are you waiting for? Well, maybe you’re waiting for it to come out on DVD. The way I saw it was on Turner Classic Movies (love that channel!).

Anyone else seen it? Do tell.

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