You know what’s cool? When you haven’t had a real conversation in German for about two years, and then you meet someone who speaks German and you’re not just able to do the whole “how ya doin'” routine, but you can carry on a conversation for a half hour, discussing everything from public relations to typical vacation activities. I don’t mean to brag, but I was pretty darn proud of myself today. Of course, it helps that Joshua Bilmes keeps sending German books my way. I’ve been able to read a few, and that does wonders for keeping my German going. So Joshua–thank you. Your donations are greatly appreciated. (Especially the last one–he sent me Brandon Sanderson‘s Alcatraz in German, as well as a German audio book. The man is fast approaching sainthood in my book. If I believed in sainthood. Which I don’t. Not to take anything away from Joshua, though. Then again, he  probably wouldn’t want to be a saint anyway, being Jewish already and all.
But I digress.)

Went to a barbeque today with some of Denisa’s high school friends. Had a nice time and took what I hope will turn out to be good pictures. Not that I’m going to post them, but still. Also, last night I finally got around to watching Rocky Balboa. Now, I’m a self-confessed Rocky fan, so maybe I’m a softie, but I really dug the movie. Great bookend to the first Rocky movie. And anyone who doesn’t like Rocky is a Communist. Except for Joshua Bilmes, who I’ll allow one free I-Don’t-Like-Rocky pass, just because he’s cool.

And that’s all I’m going to post today.

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