GoodReads Author and Auction Update

Two items of interest for ya’ll today. First, I’m now an official GoodReads author. Of course, this wasn’t too terribly difficult to do–I just contacted GoodReads, revealed my secret identity (Albert Packard), and they took care of the rest. So I’ve got a whole spiffy profile page now. Maybe one day I’ll use it for something–I guess I can put up writing samples, Q&A stuff and the like–but for now, it’s fun just having it there.

And in other news, after much research, I identified an auction piece I bought about a month ago. It was this old pitcher with a carving of Paul Revere’s ride on the front of it, painted in blue on an offwhite background. It took a lot of web searches, as well as two books, before I discovered it is actually a saltglaze stoneware pitcher from the 19th Century. Price I paid for it? $22.50 Estimated value? $1,000-$1,200 Maybe more. I felt for a bit like I was on my own version of Antiques Roadshow. Now, if I can only find a buyer . . .

Anyone out there collect saltglaze stoneware? ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “GoodReads Author and Auction Update”

  1. The question raised by blog entries of the past few days is:
    Are you going to get rich writing books or by scouring auctions for rare and valuable antiques?!

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