Happy Birthday, MC!

I don’t think it’s possible to be more excited for a day than a six-year-old is for her birthday. Or for any “special” day at that age, be it Easter or Christmas or any holiday. MC has been looking forward to her birthday since her last birthday. She keeps track of family birthdays the way Scrooge McDuck keeps track of pennies. When the new year rolls around, she begins to fuel up the Hype Train. First comes DC’s birthday. Then Denisa’s.

And then MCs. And she reminds us about the upcoming birthdays each week when we check our family schedules for the upcoming week.

A six-year-old is at that total sweet spot of excitement levels where she can remember the last year’s festivities, but things are still so new each year (and the wait seems so very long) that she can be fully engaged by the time the next celebration rolls around.

For this year, Denisa took the kids skiing to Sugarloaf yesterday as a last hurrah. They were gone the bulk of the day, though of course there were balloons and streamers waiting for MC when she woke up. A family tradition Denisa keeps great track of.

When they returned, it was homemade mac and cheese for dinner, followed by raspberry pie and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. (Somewhere along the line, Denisa convinced the kids that cake is optional for birthdays. This makes me sad, as I love cake, but also is probably for the best, because I love cake a little too much.) MC got a camera, an umbrella, and DC’s old doll house castle. (Parenting pro-tip: when your kid outgrows a toy, don’t give it away if you have another kid coming up who might enjoy it. Instead, stick it in a box in the basement. Wait a few years for the next kid to be the right age, and then go spelunking around in the basement to find it. It will be 100% new to your six-year-old, and you will have saved yourself some money and saved the environment having one more plastic doll house in the world.)

In any case, the excitement was infectious, and it was great to see MC have such a lovely day. Always wonderful to have people be so appreciative of the things you do for them.

Happy birthday, MC!


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