Happy Birthday to Me

It’s not one of those “watershed birthdays” or anything. The big 3-0 won’t come until next year. But I’m a year older now, and a lot has happened to me in the past year. I got another Masters degree, found a job, bought a house, moved across the country, finished a final draft of one book, a first draft of another one and had one published. That’s not bad for a single year. It’s crazy to think that all of those things have happened. For a while there, some of them seemed like they’d never happen. I know there were times in my MLS program that it felt like I’d never finish. And the job search had some uncertain times. It’s nice to be able to look back at it all and see that everything’s turned out well. I’m not sure if I’d like to have every year of my life have so much happen, though. Then again, I don’t think I’d like every year to have nothing happen, either.

What would I like to get done before I’m thirty? In an ideal world, I’d love to have found an editor or agent for my writing. I’m certainly looking forward to having two children before I’m thirty. Having most of the furniture I need for my house–and having the major repairs finished–would be nice. Finishing another book or two is a definite goal. For a lot of it, we’ll just have to see what happens.

In any case, Happy Birthday to me, and happy birthday to anyone else who has a birthday around this time.

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