Happy Thanksgiving (and Update)

I’m down in Pennsylvania for the holiday and having a great time. Yesterday my wife and I headed into New York City to go see Young Frankenstein, which thankfully isn’t affected by the Broadway strike. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Great music, acting and fantastic sets. I couldn’t believe they pulled off some of the things they did on that stage. We also went to the New York Macy’s, which we discovered has 9–count ’em NINE–floors of stuff to buy. I had no idea it was that big.

This morning I managed to get a $280 22″ LCD computer monitor for $150 online. I love sales! Then again, I also discovered that our rental car has a totally flat tire–something we’ll have to figure out tomorrow. Less than fun.

What else have we been up to? Exploring, relaxing and having a good time. I’ve been playing Guitar Hero III with my brother, and that’s been tremendously fun. The vacation has really felt like just that: a vacation. Very nice.

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