No Fun Allowed

Yesterday was Not a Fun Day. I had three different car troubles pop up–this after already spending over $300 last month to get the car in supposed working order. So now it’s looking like the time has come. I need a new car. Thankfully, it sounds like the current troubles can be fixed for under $100 total. (This is shocking, since the troubles seemed unusually bad–smoke coming from engine, horrendous screeching sound, coolant leaking all over the place, etc.) So I’ll be able to use the current car until I can find what I deem a good deal on a newer one, rather than having to scrounge around for whatever I can find right this second. I’m leaning toward a Subaru Forrester right now. Everyone else at campus seems to have one, and they’re supposed to be dependable. We’ll see what the costs are, though.

Other than that, I suppose things aren’t too bad. I mean, I’m leaving tomorrow for a ten day vacation. How could they be bad? The time off will be very appreciated, and I won’t even need to take any of my vacation time to do it–it’s all saved up comp time, plus holiday time and weekends. Very nice. During this break, I hope to write a Top Secret Short Story. I know what it needs to be about–now I just need to figure out a plot, characters, setting . . . Should be good practice for the next book I’m going to write, which I will resume planning once the short story’s done. Fun times. I’m so looking forward to fresh writing it isn’t even funny. I’ve been rewriting since . . . spring? Something like that. Too long.

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