Hello Again, and Two Years

Yes, I’m back from Utah. No, if your name doesn’t end in Moore or Pope, I didn’t see you. Yes, I’m extremely sorry. It was a harrowing weekend. Let it go, okay? Suffice it to say that it was great to see the family I managed to see, but I have no desire to do that whole funeral thing again anytime soon. I’d post more about it . . . but I don’t want to.

On to happier things.

Hard to believe my daughter’s only been with us now for two years today. Back then, it was snowing cats and dogs outside. Today? Sunny as can be, with hardly any snow on the ground at all. Wish I had some of that Philly/DC snow up here. In any case, back to my daughter. She went to the doctor’s the other day for her check up. The verdict? She’s off the charts on height and weight. 99th percentile plus. However, she’s very proportionate. Not too fat or too thin–just right. Of course, this means that if she keeps this up, she’s destined for the WNBA or the catwalk as a supermodel. I’m betting WNBA, judging by the way she likes to throw herself into where ever the action is. What is she like today?

Well, for one thing, she loves to sleep. Two naps a day, each for an hour and a half or two. Minimum. Goes to bed each night at 7, wakes 12 or 13 hours later. The kid gets her beauty sleep. Second, she loves to play by herself. She asks to go to quiet time, and she’ll sit there happily in her crib for a half hour or more, just playing with a few toys. Third, she loves to eat sweets. Cookies are her favorite. It was her first word, and it remains the word she says the most. She’s still not talking a ton, but she’s very expressive. She loves dogs–or the concept of dogs, at least. Faced with one in real life, she’s not so sure. She loves the color pink, and she’s very particular about what clothes and accessories she’s willing to wear when. She’s a great daughter.

Happy birthday, DC!

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  1. WHAT
    You didn’t see any Cundicks?
    Well, you saw plenty of me. LUCKY YOU. Drew wished he’d seen a lot more of me while I was gone. 🙂

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