Help Save Angel: Somebody Convince Me to Keep Watching

Angel: Seasons 1-5 (Collectors Set)Dear Angel,

First off, I wanted to say how I think you’re totally cool and all. Really noble, in a pained sort of never-know-when-you’ll-turn-evil sort of way. So go you! But that said, I’m sorry. Things just aren’t working out with us. I’ve given you 29 episodes, and I know you have like 80 more to offer me, but I don’t know if I want to keep watching you.

What’s the matter? You’re just too darned broody. Nothing but mope mope mope, all day long. At least in Season One, you had Cordelia to inject a bit of light and fun into things, but now you’ve gone and given her a plot arc that made her grow up and mature, and . . . she’s becoming boring, too. And don’t get me started on your buddy Wesley. I didn’t like him in Buffy, and you dragged him back for your own series. Snoozeville.

Last night, I found myself watching the episode all about Darla’s history, and I kept wondering what else I could be watching. Maybe we should just call it quits. If you don’t have anything other than doom and gloom to offer, then you go your way and I’ll go mine. But if you get better–more interesting, less self-absorbed–than could you please let me know? And if you can’t let me know personally, then if one of your friends could leave a comment telling me why I shouldn’t give up on you, that would work, too.

Because I want to like you. But you’re making it hard on me.



3 thoughts on “Help Save Angel: Somebody Convince Me to Keep Watching”

  1. Season 2 of Angel does drag at the start until about mid-season. You may want to skip to episode 17 to get out of the whole Darla storyline. The last four episodes are awesome when Angel stops brooding and they introduce Fred.

  2. Since you’ve gotten that far, I would at least wait until they acquire Fred, because she is awesome. That’s at the end of that season. Although, if you’re hating season 2, you might not be able to persist through the pit of despair that is season 4. Five is hilarious, though, and worth it all in my opinion.

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