Home Renovations

Spring is definitely in the air out here in Maine, and even though we may be getting snow in the future (you never can tell!), I’m starting to get the itch to Do Stuff To My House. Of course, some of this stuff is finishing what was left undone from last year: scraping, sanding and painting my barn-turned-garage (and cleaning up all the stuff that’s left over from the renovation). But other stuff . . . other stuff consists of me wanting to knock walls down, carve out spaces for windows, take off some of the vinyl siding, finish off the attic, finish the space above the garage, add in a hallway, add a bathroom, install some dormer windows, put down a new driveway, take out the old driveway . . .


Damaging stuff.

I have to keep reminding myself that I really can’t start new projects until old projects are complete. Otherwise, the house could quickly get lost in renovation purgatory, and no one wants that. So maybe I’m going to start that whole scraping and sanding thing sooner rather than later.

I know DKC is getting the itch, as well–but hers manifests itself in other ways. Putting in the garden, adding a hedge–botanical stuff. Not me. I want a sledge hammer and a sawzall. If I came into some money, I know what I’d do with the first fifty thousand. Assuming I wouldn’t just buy a new house. 🙂

Some small steps are being taken already, however. Saturday, I decided to clean up the yard some–get some branches picked up and tidied, haul in some stray logs that had fallen. I used the wheelbarrow for the first load, and the wheel promptly hit a nail and exploded fairly violently. Oh yeah. Forgot about all those nails. So to avoid having more nail problems, I’ve ordered a metal detector. It should be here Thursday (according to Amazon). At that point, I’ll practice with it by getting all the nails. (And then in the future, I’m thinking about some outings to use it to look for buried treasure with TRC. He’s quite excited.) Once I can confidently go around my property without popping something, I’ll get a new wheelbarrow. (The old one was far too cheap and crummy, anyway.)

Ooh–and I also need to declutter my garage.

So much time, so little to do. Wait–scratch that. Reverse it.

Wish me luck.

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