So the Oscars were last night, and thanks to the kindness of some friends, I was able to watch the whole thing live. (There are times I miss my satellite. But still not $600 worth of missing it. However, maybe my friends are beginning to get tired of me freeloading TV all the time . . .) What did I think?

Well, I thought it was too long, for one thing. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were . . . okay. Not stunning, not hilarious, just sort of there. The opening with Neil Patrick Harris was moronic. The spiel with the actors and actresses being praised for 16 minutes before one of them got their Best Actor/Actress award was far too drawn out, and talked about them as people, not as performers. Yes, there were some funny bits throughout the evening, and I was glad to have watched it, but in the end, I was fairly happy it was over by the time MIDNIGHT rolled around. (Some of that relief might have had something to do with the fact that TRC and DC refused to go to sleep until it was finished. My kids must have inherited that from me.)

What did I think of the winners? Glad that Avatar didn’t win, for one thing. A very good visual feast, but best picture? Not hardly. Haven’t seen Hurt Locker yet, so I can’t comment on that. Very pleased UP won for best score. Jeff Bridges winning was appreciated. Sandra Bullock, Oscar winning actress? Never thought I’d be saying that.

For those of you playing at home, I was 14 for 24 on my picks. Not too shabby a year, and I managed to squeak out a win among the players watching along with me last night, which means I don’t have to publicly state that any of them are better than me. Phew! My pride lives to fight another day.

What did you all think of the Oscars this year? Did you watch? Did you care?

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  1. We concur
    Jonathan and I watched it, and had very similar opinions. We were very happy for Avatar NOT to have won best picture, and yes, the schmooze-praise fest went on forever! J&A

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