House Update and Harry Potter

Got back the home inspection report today, and for the most part it was good news. There were some minor problems (electrical, chimney), but nothing that really looked like a deal breaker, though I’ve asked a few people for their opinions on it, and I suppose there might have been something I missed. In any case, it certainly seems all systems are go for the house. One interesting thing that the inspection turned up was that the middle portion of the house probably dates back to about 1830, if you can believe it. It’s still in good shape, though, so that probably tells you how well the house has been holding up.

In other news, I went ahead and got Harry Potter on Saturday, then finished it Sunday. (Total time about 7 hours–it’s a fast read.) I really enjoyed it. As with Rowling’s other books, I thought there were some pacing issues and some clunky prose, but the plot and characters were spot on. A great ending to the series, and highly recommended. (Though I wish some people were less insistent on forcing others to believe Harry Potter is Great Literature . . . It’s fun, it’s entertaining, but it just ain’t Dickens, IMHO.)

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  1. well, of course it’s not
    I mean, it’s considered juvenile lit. right? Elementary age kids?
    Conner’s reading it, he’s loving it. I just finished the last one, I too loved it

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