How I Got Really Sick, then Better, then Proceeded to Do Something Really Stupid

The first part of this story is fairly easy to tell. Last Tuesday, I started getting this itch in the back of my throat. A little tingle of things to come. By Wednesday morning, it had ballooned into the full flu, and I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday completely focused on Not Dying. I’m happy to report I was successful. By Saturday, I was starting to feel at least 25% better, which was something. (It really helped that BYU beat Oklahoma that evening–what a game!) Sunday took care of another 50% of the sick, and so by Labor Day, I was doing pretty well.

Here comes the stupid.

Labor Day started out pretty good. Got a good 750 words or so done on the new book (and figured out I’m going to have to tweak the main character a bit), helped the wife make some potato salad, went to a church BBQ, and then . . . had the genius idea of taking the family shopping. Really, this wasn’t that bad of an idea–it certainly isn’t the stupid that still loomed in my future yesterday. We got some good deals, got some home renovation supplies, clothes–necessary things. (Even a wireless keyboard for my new laptop hook up on the TV–very nice!) We got home around 8, and (wait for it) I decided to install one of the new lights.

Not that I’ve ever really switched out light fixtures before, but I figured, how hard can it be? Note to self: any time you have to approach a task with “How hard can it be” in mind, you’re much better off approaching it earlier than 8 o’clock at night.

Three and a half hours later, I had the light switched. Some of this is my fault. I messed up the wiring and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Some of it is the cursed light’s fault. I’ve never seen such a cruddy installation design in my life. But regardless of whose fault it was, I was pretty darned riled up at 11:30, and then Florida State lost to Miami. I couldn’t fall asleep. My mind kept going over electrical problems. (Some of this might have to do with the fact that I electrocuted myself in the process of installing the light. If I seem a little jittery the next few days, now you know why.)

Anyway, this is all to say that I ended up with less than 5 hours of sleep last night. Just as I was recovering from my sick. I haven’t had a relapse today, but I sure am wishing I hadn’t decided to install that accursed light last night. So much so that I’ve officially given DKC permission from now on to say “Remember Labor Day” if she sees me making a similar mistake in the future. It’ll be sort of like that rallying cry of Texas (Remember the Alamo!)

All you faithful readers out there, learn something from me. Don’t be stupid.

Remember Labor Day!

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