Sunny Weather and a Movie Review: Chisum

It’s definitely getting fallish outside–can even see some leaves changing colors already. Can I say how much I love fall? If only I didn’t have 80,000,000 things to do at work, life would be very pleasant right now. By the end of September, we should have the siding on our garage repaired and painted, a new wood stove installed, and maybe even some of the floors inside our house un-paintified. (Paint + hardwood = fail, IMHO.) At any rate–we should be plenty busy in the weeks to come. Wish us luck.

And now, on to the review. A John Wayne movie I don’t recall adding to my Netflix queue somehow not only appeared in said queue, but jumped to the first position and ended up in my mailbox. I went back and checked–it was in my queue. Can’t remember why I put it there, let alone why I moved it to that coveted #1 slot, but anyway . . . at least it was good. 🙂

Chisum is a western done in the old tradition, meaning John Wayne plays the lead–an older lead, but still the same rock-solid, dependable mountain of a man, who has to stand up to injustice in the west to make sure right wins the day. Fairly predictable, but beautifully filmed, and rousing nonetheless. Three stars–you could definitely do worse if you wanted to watch a western.

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