Two Definitions

Definition of a good feeling: when you go to your Kindergartener’s school’s open house, and you talk to his teacher to see how he’s doing, and she has nothing but glowing things to say about him. Now granted, I expect she tries to have nothing but glowing things to say about all her students, but still . . .

I think I’m allowed a bit of fatherly pride.

Definition of a bad feeling: when you get an installation cost estimate for that wood stove you’re planning on getting, and the installation costs as much as the wood stove.

And the wood stove ain’t cheap.

1 thought on “Two Definitions”

  1. Silly you
    I always try and be VERY careful when I feel motherly pride, because then I also have to feel a huge amount of guilt when they do something stupid.
    And I thought you already bought the wood stove. This blog doesn’t make me want to move to Maine.

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