I think I’d like dieting a whole lot more–and be more successful at it–if not for the fact that I don’t like being hungry. Of course, as I write this, I realize that there are starving people out there in ______ (insert country of your choice), and that I really don’t know what it’s like to be hungry, and that I shouldn’t whine. I totally agree with you.

But this doesn’t change the fact that I’m hungry. In fact, now that I think about it, that argument (the one about starving people in _____) doesn’t hold much weight (pun intended). I mean, what jerk would go up to someone who was really sad and say “There are people who have clinical depression who are much worse off than you, so stop being sad”? Or go to someone who’s paralyzed and say “There are tons of dead people who can’t even breathe anymore” or . . . you get the picture.

Since when did someone have to have a licensing certifying they are the most worst off person in a certain area in order to complain about it?

Did I mention the fact that I’m hungry? And I’m at the reference desk, and I can’t eat for another 20 minutes? And I’m feeling whiny?

Well I am.

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  1. I think a healthy diet is one where you limit how much you eat, but can always eat some when you’re hungry. Eating things with fewer calories and less of them is much more effective than not eating.
    But I’m thinking you’re just at work, hungry, and wanting to eat, not really talking about dieting. So whine away. I’m being whiny today too. I’d say it’s something in the air, but that air would have to travel a long way to hit us both.

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