Hurricane Sandy and Me

Because I have friends all over the place, and some of them have wondered how I’m doing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, let me assuage your fears.

Nothing happened.

Not nothing-nothing. It was a tad windy, but it’s been a whole lot windier at other times. We didn’t even get any fallen branches. But other than that and some heavy rain today, it’s been pretty much a non-event. For which I am very grateful. I’m seeing a whole lot of activity and posts from other friends who were not as fortunate–because I have friends all over the place.

So there’s flooding in New York, downed trees at the house I grew up in in PA, flooding in DC–a whole lot of people were affected by this beast of a storm. To give you an idea of the sheer size of the storm, I was talking to my mom yesterday evening, and she’d just heard from her ranch in Virginia that it was 20 degrees and snowing down there, and we were seeing wind and rain up here in Maine. It’s not often that you see a single storm affect an area that huge.


So don’t worry a whit about me up here in Maine. I didn’t even have a light flicker. But please do worry and do what you can for areas harder hit by the storm–PA, NJ, NY, and so on.

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