I Forgot

I forgot to post yesterday. My bad. Things have been crazy around here, but that’s no excuse for me leaving the collective world hanging, wondering what in the world was happening in my life and not being able to read my blog post to find out. I apologize.

And . . . not a whole lot is happening that I can discuss on teh Internutz. Maybe will have some News concerning me in the near future. Sadly, no–not a book deal or anything remotely related to a book deal. Although the rewrite is picking up speed now that I’m past the opening. I think I’m in chapter 7 now? Not sure–I know I’m above 22,000 words, because that was a third of the way, and I noticed I was beyond that. Go me.

In other news, I’ve watched a couple of movies lately. The first was Poseidon, remake of The Poseidon Adventure, which was its superior in everything but special effects. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a boat disaster movie. Think Titanic, but instead of sinking, the boat flips upside down. It was in hi-def, so it was at least good eye candy, although I can’t really remember who the characters were, and I didn’t really care who died or not except as a challenge with DKC to see if I could call character deaths in the order they happened. I got some, missed some, but it made the movie a tad more fun. One and a half stars.

The other film I watched was Family Business, a crime movie starring James Bond, Rain Man and Ferris Bueller, or as they’re better known: Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, and Matthew Broderick. Interesting movie that really got into the meat of familial relationships for better or worse, then got lost a tad at the end. The tone went back and forth between light hearted and deathly serious, and unfortunately ended on the serious note. Good, well acted, but it could have been better. Two and a half stars out of four.

Oh–I lit the wood stove yesterday. Cheap and cold lost out to poor and warm.

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