I have a headache

Can I just say how much I hate headaches? I’ve had one all evening–through writing group and socializing. I probably should have just gone home early, but I’m so used to pretending to feel fine, that it’s almost second nature to me by now. And then of course I come home and it feels like my head’s going to explode. I hope it doesn’t.

Other than that, not a whole lot happening in my life. My writing group liked the idea I had for a magic system type situation, but now I need to come up with magic that fits in with it. And a story. And characters. But I’d like to start writing it next, after Ichabod, so maybe I’ll just take the next couple of months while I’m writing Ichabod to have it simmer in the back of my head. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to write it, the ideas will be there.

Speaking of Ichabod, I’ve posted the first page or so over at timewastersguide. If anyone or everyone who reads this could swing over there, check it out, and tell me what they think of the voice, I’d much appreciate it. I’m not a third person specialist, so I’d like to see if what I’m trying is working before I do a whole book of it. My linking function doesn’t seem to be working on my Mac, so here’s the link for you to cut and paste:


Thanks ever so much, and have a pleasant evening.

And if I don’t post tomorrow, it’s because my head blew up.

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