If Just 20 of You Read This . . . (Google Analytics)

Numb3rs - The Complete First SeasonSo here we are at the end of the month. Can you believe it’s time for April already? Craziness. And we’re supposed to get 8-15 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. I love Maine. 🙂

But that’s not why you’re reading this post. I’m here to report on some hard numbers for my blog. Why? Because they’re interesting to me. Since I left livejournal behind, I’ve been able to track actual views and visits to my blog, and I’m a numbers sort of a guy. What have I found? Well, for one thing, this month I set a record for the number of visitors to my blog. 332. That’s not too shabby, for me. Back in July, I only had 131. So I’m approaching tripling my visitors in just 8 months. Of course, the record for a single day’s worth of visits isn’t likely to be broken soon: I had 158 the day I posted my review of The Way of Kings and mentioned it on Brandon’s Facebook page (which makes me wonder how many visitors he’s getting a day–better that I don’t know.)

Anyway, if just 20 of you read this post (and that’s about average for a day of visitors for my blog), then I’ll set the new monthly record for my site: 644 visits in a month. Exciting!

What else do I know about you, my many visitors? Most of you are in Maine or Utah. On average, you visit 1.39 pages each time you come. You stay for a whole minute and six seconds. Hardly any of you arrive by search engine–most of you come from Facebook or Twitter. My most viewed post is that Way of Kings review, followed by my analysis of why Jar Jar Binks’ dialect is so awful. Then comes my post on board games on the iPad, Mormons and True Christianity, and finally my Sunday talk on tithing.

Since I’ve been tracking, I’ve had visitors from Russia, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Greece, Pakistan, Israel, the Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, China, Australia–the number 2 country after the US is the Czech Republic. Slovakia is number 7. So every continent but Antarctica, where the spammers haven’t managed to set up shop yet. 🙂

Anyway–wherever you come from, and whyever you show up here, thanks for stopping by! It’s great to know I’m talking to an actual audience, and not just myself.

2 thoughts on “If Just 20 of You Read This . . . (Google Analytics)”

  1. I do find the number facinating…
    fyi, I am hitting over 3k a month now. 😀
    Aren’t I amazing?
    It’s increased since Drew was getting laid off. Maybe some people are clicking extra so we can still have food….

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