If You’ve Been Looking for a Good Deal on a 3DS, Read On . . .

Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo BlackIf you’ve been wanting a good time to buy a 3DS, want no longer. You’ve probably already heard about the price drop coming next week on the 12th: the 3DS is going from $250 to $170. You might also have heard about Nintendo doing its best to placate people who already bought a 3DS for $250: they’re starting a “3DS Ambassador Program,” where they’re giving 20 free games to everyone who already had a 3DS before the 12th. Games like the original Zelda, Mario Bros, Ice Climber and the like.

With me so far? 20 free games if you paid $250 for the system, buy the system for $170 starting this Friday. To get the free games, you need only register your 3DS online before midnight this Thursday–to prove you had the system for the earlier price.

But Walmart just started selling the system for $170 today. Four days early. So . . . go to a Walmart (in person–the deal’s not online). Buy a 3DS for $170. Register it online before Thursday at midnight, and qualify for the 20 free games.

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to buy a 3DS, that time is between now and Thursday. Just sayin’.

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