In Which My Daughter Chops Her Hair and Donates It to Charity

IMG_0792DC has never had a real haircut. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous, and this is not just a proud father talking. It’s long and blonde and curly, and she’s always received tons of compliments on it. That said, it’s also been a source of trouble in the house. Those beautiful curly locks get tangles like you wouldn’t believe, and DC absolutely loathes getting it brushed–to the point that Denisa would only brush it once a week. Which of course means that when it gets brushed, it’s absolutely wild.

To combat that, she almost always has it in two long braids behind her. It still never did away with the tangles completely, but it helped. And remember, this is the hair that made me gouge my eye out with a penny. So it’s not like it’s all sunshine and roses. Over the years, we’ve talked to DC about getting it cut, but she never wanted to go for it.

Until she found out she could donate her hair so someone else could have it.

The girl’s nothing if not thoughtful, and she leaped at the opportunity to donate her hair. Of course, when you’re donating hair, it has to be a certain length–at least 12 inches has to go. That’s a lot of hair. DC didn’t balk–she went right through with it.

I wasn’t present for the hair chopping. I was at home holding down the fort with TRC and MC. But Denisa tells me it went smoothly, and that it was more difficult for her (Denisa) to see the hair go than it was for DC. I do know one thing–DC was through the roof excited when she got home. She was so happy to have it gone, and so pleased with the results. She’s been loving shaking her head and feeling how light it is.

When it came time to brush the hair, she was instinctively afraid. When it was over a minute or so later with no tangles at all, she couldn’t believe it. I think it’s safe to say she’s a big fan.

Will we keep it as short as it is? I doubt it. Denisa likes it longer, and I think DC will too after a while. But I also don’t think we’ll let it go as long as it got–not unless DC starts being the one to take care of it. I’ve only got so many eyeballs, after all.

In any case, I present to you the new DC:


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  1. Absolutely adorable! Sadly, this is a story I hear often. My own niece and sister had daily fights about brushing until Miss Sophia got a very short ‘do. I love that you helped her to find a way to make it meaningful through donating it. 🙂

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