In Which My Daughter Gets Her Ears Peered

As I mentioned a few days ago, one of the things DC wanted for her birthday was to get her ears peered. (“Peered”, mind you. Not pierced. Every time I tried to correct her, she corrected me right back. All this time, I guess I’ve been saying it wrong. Go figure.) I know that ear piercing isn’t a universally embraced concept, especially not for little girls.

Me personally? I don’t really care. If a girl wants to get her ears peered, let that girl peer those ears! Denisa got hers done when she was about the same age as DC, so this seemed like a pretty easy request to grant. (Apparently in Slovakia, a lot of parents have their daughters get their ears peered when they’re still babies, on the theory that “They’re crying all the time, anyway.” Or something like that.)

Denisa took DC off to the local site of all things high-culture: Walmart. Yes, you read that right. We had our daughter go to Walmart to get her ears peered. But it was cheap. 🙂 Also, it didn’t involve needles and ice cubes, so that’s a plus.

DC was all for the idea–until she got to the store, the earrings were paid for, and two Walmart employees had peering equipment in hand, ready to go. In all fairness, I think I’d be having some second thoughts then, too. They were going to do both at the same time, because once you’ve let someone jab a needle through your ear, you’re not likely to let another person do it again just a few seconds later.

There was a lot of hunched shoulders and attempts to back out of the peering process, but in the end, vanity won out over common sense, and DC let them go ahead with the deed. She’s very happy she did. She loves showing off her earrings, and is very proud of them.

Great job, DC!

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