Ireland Pictures and More

And just so I don’t get any complaints that my blog’s gettin’ too churchy for all y’all, here are some pictures of the family trip to Dublin on the way home from Slovakia. This was a fun trip, although everyone living in a small hotel room for four nights wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing we’ve done. Our days there consisted of waking up in the morning, feeding the baby, letting her get a good nap in and then heading out around 11. We tried to be back around 6 for her to get another good nap in before she ate one last time and went to sleep. Where did we put her to bed? In one of the suitcases which we stuck in the bathroom. Yeah. It was well padded, no worries–and she fit it fine and was very happy, thank you very much. World traveling with small children can be challenging, but we made it work. In the evening, we all watched some movies and then went to bed for another day.

What did we see? The Book of Kells, Malahide Castle, Dublin Castle, The National Archaeological Museum, The Hundred Guilder Print (one of my favorite Rembrandt etchings, and the one used as the CD cover for my grandfather’s oratorio The Redeemer), Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, Temple Bar, Stephen’s Green, Iveagh Gardens and more, not to mention a huge playground, hordes of double decker buses, tourists galore and circus performers and other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting. Good times. Check out the pictures, plus a few of where we were staying in Slovakia.

TRC gets goofy in front of a part of Dublin Castle

Me and the Fam in front of Malahide Castle

TRC runs to a tree in the park around Malahide Castle. It is so green. So. Green.

A pair of Dublin’s famous Georgian doors. Loved this aspect of the city.

A pic from Slovakia. Well, actually the Czech Republic, in the village of Sidonia where we were staying. That little building in the middle at the left? That’s the outhouse. Yeah.

And last but not least, a pic of the cottage in Sidonia.

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