Wii Aches and WALL-E

I did a stupid thing Saturday. Not that that’s irregular for me, but I’m still paying for that stupid thing today. I played Wii Fit and got carried away. My stomach muscles are still mad at me, poor things. They’re used to eating, not doing crunches. Well, that’s just too bad. They’re going to have to learn how to get along with Wii Fit. I’ve had it for a while now, and I really do enjoy it. I think it even has a chance of making me get into shape, something I’ve never really done. Already I’ve lost about 10 pounds through Wii Fit, and if it can get me down to 200 lbs again, it’ll be a miracle and I’ll sing its praises.

Even if my abs will be cursing it.

Really, I’m not so sure it’s the exercises that Wii Fit presents me with that help me lose weight. It’s more the fact that it graphs my weight and makes me look at it. When it goes up, I can see the blasted thing go up. And when it goes down, I feel really good about it. So far, thumbs up.

On another note, I took my son to go see WALL-E on Saturday as well (before Wii Fit, so I was still feeling good). We loved it. Pixar’s been doing some amazing things, and this movie really blew me away. My only quibble was that seeing a kids’ movie in the theaters can be difficult. Talking kids and people kicking your seat. Grr . . . But it was worth it to go with my son and see him enjoy it so much. He still gets frightened by loud noises and tense scenes, but he’s starting to overcome that. Poor little guy was literally shaking a few times there, but he really got into it. Times like that are when it’s great being a dad.

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