Living the Sugar Free Life: Week 2

Sometimes it feels to me like I really ought to be writing these blog posts when I’m stranded on some barren island in the Pacific Ocean. Really Castaway it up, you know? And then I think I’m just being silly, and it’s ridiculous that going without sweets is an event that warrants me writing a weeks-long blog series about it.

Then again, I can tell plenty of you are interested from the number of views these posts get, so who am I to deprive you of the opportunity to laugh at my weak will when it comes to sugar?

Two weeks in now, and as before, I’m here to report on how I’ve been feeling–emotionally and physically.

The first week, I was pretty darn grouchy a lot of the time. I really felt like I was missing out on a whole lot of things, and it affected my mood much more than I anticipated. This week? A lot of that has gone away, I’m surprised to say. There have still been a few times when I really wanted something sweet, but interestingly enough, I found myself more wanting the feeling I would have after I’d eaten something sweet, rather than the actual sweet thing itself. Does that make sense? I’d find myself feeling like something was missing–something I could get through ice cream or brownies. But when I thought about eating the actual foods, that didn’t really appeal to much to me. I don’t know if I can describe the sensation better than that.

Another first? I saw an article online for a 350 pound peanut butter cup, and instead of wishing I had my own 350 pound peanut butter cup, I thought it looked pretty disgusting.

This is not normal Bryce behavior.

So some positive changes on the emotion front.

Physical health? I’ve lost another .8 pounds this week, and I’m literally doing nothing other than not eating sweets. I’m still eating plenty of food–probably more than I ought to sometimes. But it seems like ditching sugar from my diet has tipped my caloric intake balance toward “Lose Weight.” I don’t know how far that will take me, and I’m not yet willing to commit to saying this is a long term trend, but 2.6 pounds lost over 2 weeks without any real effort isn’t nothing. (Well, it’s likely a big neon sign that says “Bryce was eating too many desserts,” but we won’t go there.)

How are my energy levels? Pretty good, actually. I don’t find myself yawning nearly as much, and that’s even with the lousy Daylight Savings time change. Again, am I willing to call it permanently in favor of no-sugar? Not necessarily. But trends are good in this department.

So the experiment is definitely a success so far. We’ll see how it goes in the next week. Hopefully as well as this past week has been. Stay tuned . . .

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