I can no longer truthfully say I’ve never eaten lobster. That’s right. Last night, courtesy of some friends from my church, I had lobster for the first time. Boiled the little suckers alive and all. (As a side note, can I just say how pleased I am that we don’t kill cows inside our kitchen right before we eat them?) I’m not really a seafood kind of guy, but I figured when in Maine . . .

What did I think about it?

Not too fishy. Kind of meaty.  I liked the claws and knuckles more than the tail, which was too rubbery. All in all, not bad. But considering how much it costs (yes, even in Maine), I don’t foresee me becoming a lobster eater anytime soon. If I’m gonna buy something expensive to eat, it’s going to be steak. You can count on that. I love eating steak. I didn’t mind eating lobster. See the difference?

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