Mikulas and Santa Claus

Yesterday, Mikulas came to visit our house. For those of you who aren’t Slovak, that means TRC and DC spiffied up their shoes two nights ago, then left them out. In the morning, voila! The shoes were filled with candy and some small presents. TRC got a WALL-E spinning toothbrush,and DC got a little puppy stuffed animal. They went over very well. Of course, this is also the first year that TRC has gone to school, which means it’s the first year he could tell other kids all about how excited he was that Mikulas had come, only to have those kids have no clue what he was talking about. We had prepared him for this, however. You see, Mikulas only comes to Slovaks. Since TRC is the only Slovak in his class, none of the other kids would have gotten a visit.

This only makes Mikulas that much cooler, of course.

TRC also spent some time writing his list to Santa over the holiday. It took quite a bit of narrowing, but this is what he’s down to:

Erector Set
Nerf Gun
Legos (Pirates or Power Miners)
Transformers (Animated version)
Scooter (with 2 wheels–he was very specific)
Interactive WALL-E Robot

He wrote most of the list on his own–and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Now it’s off in the mail, and it’s up to Santa just what he gets. TRC thinks he should get a fair bit, especially since he’s “usually good when he sleeps,” as he phrased it in his letter the the Jolly Old Elf.

Did I mention I love Christmas?

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