Snow Day

One of my favorite parts of my job has got to be the snow days. It’s like a free vacation day, plopped into your lap at random times. And I don’t have to make it up. Very nice. How can people not love Maine? 🙂

What will I do with my snow day?

Well, I have to get some writing in on my yearly Newsletter, which needs to be going to print soon. Since I have yet to start it, I’d really better get in gear. Other than that, I plan to take it easy. Decorate the house some, take a nap–that sort of thing.
The best part is that I was scheduled to work this evening until midnight. That means, technically, my snow day hasn’t even started yet. I’ll be able to feel pleased about not working all the way up until when I go to bed.

Mwa ha ha ha!

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