Movie Review: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

It’s not often that I come across a movie I have both never heard of before and which I end up absolutely loving. Last night, I was trying to find something to watch. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I didn’t really want to watch a TV show, so I was looking for a short movie. I came across one that was only 70 minutes long, and it was a time travel movie. Sold!

The premise of Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is pretty easy to explain. A man comes home from work to find his security feed for his business (which is downstairs) has him on it. Future him. And future him starts talking to present him. They can converse freely. Except future him isn’t from 2050 or something. He’s from two minutes in the future, and after they talk for about a minute and three quarters, he tells present-him to hurry downstairs to the security cam so that he can have this conversation and not create a paradox.

(Hmm. I thought it was easy to explain, but maybe it isn’t? It depends on if that made sense or not . . .)

The film is one continuous take. (Or at least, filmed to make it seem that way.) So when you see the character from the present talking to himself in the future, two minutes later you’ll see him now talking to himself in the past, having the exact same conversation. I was really impressed by just how much work went into pulling it all off and having it make sense. (It’ll make much more sense to you when you’re watching it. I swear.)

It sounds like a movie that would never work. How do you stretch even 70 minutes out of such a premise. Two minutes in the future? What a worthless ability, as far as time travel goes. But what would that really be like, and what could you do with it? The film does a fantastic job exploring that and keeping everything snappy for the whole length of the movie. I don’t really want to say more about it, because half the fun is seeing what happens.

Granted, I’m a sucker for time travel movies. But that also means I’ve seen quite a few of them, and I can spot a great one when I do. This movie was custom made to have me like it. Quirky premise, perfectly executed, and very obscure. It was a wonderful surprise, and I gave it a 10/10. It’s in Japanese, so be prepared for some subtitles, but it is 100% worth your time.

It’s on Amazon Prime, waiting for you to watch even as we speak.


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