Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

I went with TRC to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon today. I thought it was fantastic–superbly done. The animation, 3D, story, characters, score–really, there’s not a thing I can find wrong with the movie. Best of all, it’s a 100% fun time. Go to it if you want to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Four stars. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s guest reviewer TRC with his take on the subject:

I thought it was AWESOME! But best of all, the huge dragon, well . . . that dragon was kind of cool, but at the beginning, it was kind of scary, but it was really loud, but I plugged my ears and I could still hear, but the characters and a funky ball looked like they were actually coming at me. The ball was like boing boing boing. Getting closer. I also liked when they were riding the dragons. It was so cool that I could have popped my head off. You should see it yourself. It is really really really really really really really reeeeeeeeeeally awesome. So if you want to see it, you should take your kids. They would really like it. But if you just want to go yourself, make sure that if you have two people going, that you have $10 if you’re going to How to Train Your Dragon. And we had $10. We were fine to go in. I liked it when we came home, because I got a snack. A tiny snack and a cookie. They were yummy snacks.

by TRC.

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  1. Hilarious!
    TRC’s critique was HILARIOUS, but insightful at the same time. I also like yummy snacks!

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