Movie Review: Little Shop of Horrors

There are some movies I just assume everyone has seen, because I’ve seen them myself so many times. But then I talk to people and mention the movies in casual conversation, and I’m reminded that just isn’t the case. So even though it feels redundant to me to review such an excellent movie musical as Little Shop of Horrors . . .

I’m going to do it anyway.

Because everyone should watch this movie. It’s just so much fun, and so unique. And never mind the fact that when I had Tomas and DC watch it with Denisa and me the other night, their response to the movie was . . . less than enthusiastic. (They couldn’t get over the Audrey’s accent in the movie. Sigh.)

If you didn’t know, the story is simple: normal guy finds alien, man-eating plant. Becomes famous, but at the cost of blood and bodies. He’s in love with a girl who’s dating a sadistic dentist, and he wants to save her from the hellish neighborhood they live in.

Oh, and it’s got songs and music from the same team that brought you The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. (Side note: wouldn’t it be awesome if Disney would do an animated version of this movie? They’re doing all these live-action versions of animated films. Why not flip that around, guys?) It’s got some of my favorite songs from any musicals. I grew up playing the dentist song over and over. (On vinyl. Go ahead. Make fun of me.) The music is funny and smart and beautiful all at once. That ain’t easy to pull off.

The film version gets even better by starring Rick Moranis, with cameos by Bill Murray, John Candy, Jim Belushi, and more. And to top it all off, it was directed by Miss Piggy and Yoda or (as he’s otherwise known), Frank Oz.

Seriously. This is a fun blast of a movie. It’s one that you should watch, and since it’s Halloween time right now, why not watch it between now and the main event?

5/5 Love love love this movie. Even Audrey’s accent.

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