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Going My Way (Universal Cinema Classics)Okay, faithful readers. I got a good one for you today. Going My Way. Not sure how many of you have already seen this one. I’d seen the title a lot, but never got around to actually watching it–until last night, that is. Why should you see it?

Bing Crosby.

Well, him and the ten Oscar nominations (7 wins) the film earned. Here’s a tidbit for you–it’s the only movie to ever earn an actor nominations in Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. (Bing won for best actor, his co-star Barry Fitzgerald was the one nominated for both. He won supporting.) It’s directed by Leo McCarey, who helmed some other films you might have heard of: An Affair to Remember and Duck Soup.

The story’s pretty basic: Bing plays a priest called in to help a church get out of a mess of debt. He’s young and liberal-minded when it comes to religion. The priest he’s sent in to help is old and traditional. Bing uses the power of his charm, wit and golden vocal cords to overcome all opposition and save the day. (Honestly, sometimes I wonder why we didn’t just send Bing to Germany in World War II. The man would have turned the whole thing into a musical number, summoned some picturesque snow, and left whistling merrily on his way.)

It’s got some nice songs (Swing on a Star won the Oscar), good acting, lighthearted humor and is overall worth an hour and a half of your time. Plus, it’s on Netflix streaming, which is always a big plus. So give it a whirl–tell me what you think.

And have a nice Monday.

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