Movie Review: The History of Future Folk

One of my favorite Netflix experiences is when I come across a movie the service says I’ll love, but which is fairly obscure. It’s funny–a lot of the time it takes a fair bit of convincing for me to watch those movies, even with the great recommendation. I just have a hard time believing I’m really going to like it as much as it says I’m going to. Such was the case with The History of Future Folk. I mean, take a look at that picture. Who in their right mind would actually like this movie? I was so worried that it would just be an hour and a half of painful that it took me a long time before I finally decided to actually give it a shot.

It was late, I was stuck in a dorm–what did I have to lose?

I loved this movie. Loved loved loved loved. Loved it so much I came home the next day and had Denisa watch it with me, and I still loved it the second time. Sometimes there are movies that are tailor made for you–movies that just connect with you. It’s tee ball, watching and enjoying those films. In this case, you’ve got a movie about aliens who come to destroy the earth, only to discover we’ve got this thing called “music” that they love, and so they decide to start a band, instead.

How could I not love this?

Try a preview for a slice of this awesome:

What exactly made this movie so great for me? For one thing, it stars the actual musicians, and so it features them actually playing their songs. But it’s not just some mockumentary thrown together at the last minute. It’s got real production value. It’s well written, well acted, well executed.

More people need to watch this movie. Now.

Or am I late to the Future Folk party? Anyone else out there seen it? Can I get an amen?

10/10. No, it’s not going to change your life, but I couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. Not all perfect movies need to be Important Cinema.


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