Movie Review: The Intouchables

Last night, I asked Denisa what she wanted to watch. After a bit of thought, she said, “I’d like a nice French movie. Like Amelie or Romantics Anonymous.” I looked over the offerings of Netflix, and decided it was time to bring out The Intouchables. It’s been a movie that’s been in my queue for quite some time, just waiting for the right chance. I’m not always in a French sort of a mood, so the stars had to align just right.

The premise is fairly straightforward: a quadriplegic hires a street-wise vagrant to be his personal caretaker, and the two help each other see new sides of life. It sounds like it could be all ooey gooey, but it’s really quite light and sweet, in no small part to the acting performances of both of the leads. Omar Sy (who plays the vagrant) is just so likable–it’s infectious.

Sometimes French movies really irritate me. So many of them are able to take the simplest of stories and just tell them so well. Speaking with my creative hat on, that’s not something that’s easy to do–at least not for me.

Is this a French movie for you? Well, it’s R-rated for some language and a bit of drug use, so that might knock you out of the running, potentially. But if you’re looking for something light, sweet, and funny–a genuinely good buddy film that isn’t a romantic comedy, isn’t a drama, isn’t any one thing in particular, then this is a film you shouldn’t pass up. Just an excellent example of good people doing good things, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 9/10–maybe even a 9.5. It’s that good. It’s currently the #37 movie on IMDB, and it came out in 2011, so it’s had time to drop some in the rankings, if it was going to drop.

And no. I’m not sure what the title means.

In any case, I’m in Machias today for a library director retreat, so I’d better get on with it. Keep the internet safe for me in the meantime. I’ll check in tomorrow when I come up for air. Toodles!

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