Moving Day: DC and MC Get New Rooms

The other day when TRC was staying home from his concussion (he’s feeling much better now, in case you were wondering), he spotted trouble brewing: MC had one leg over the side of her crib, and she was really close to making a jump for it. This is, of course, exactly how DC broke her wrist back in the day. We thought she was a bit away from that stage, since MC is quite a bit shorter than DC was at that age.

Apparently we thought wrong.

So we’ve had to scramble for a new plan. The long range plan has always been to have DC and MC share the room that’s currently our office/guest room, but that’s really only going to fly once we’re sure MC is okay sleeping in a normal bed. (Meaning–not yet.) So instead, we’ve moved DC into the guest room early, disassembled the crib entirely, and are having MC sleep in DC’s old room, in a playpen.

Both girls think this is awesome. DC feels like she’s graduated to a better room. and MC thinks she’s graduated, since she’s now sleeping where DC used to sleep (which, by definition, must mean it’s a better room.) Maybe we should do this whole room swapping thing more often . . .

The ultimate plan is still to move them into the same room, but that’ll be a bit away. In the meantime, DC is sleeping on the guest futon, and MC will bit by bit move to sleeping on a normal mattress. Once we know she can do that easily–and stay in bed–then I think the master plan can come to fruition.

Now if I can only get closer on finishing the second bathroom and the new master bedroom . . .

Baby steps. Baby steps.


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