Moving Jobs, Moving Offices

I alluded to this a week or two ago, but I’ve recently switched titles here at work, going from thirteen syllables (Library Information Services Manager) to fourteen syllables (Manager of Instructional and Research Services). What does that mean in practice? For one thing, it means I’ll be doing (or supervising) everything I used to be doing (or supervising), but now I’ll be supervising even more excitement. I’m going to try and phrase this in a way a non-librarian would understand. Before, I was over technology, buying books, cataloging books, and databases and magazines. Now I’ve got that, with more responsibility over some of those areas, plus overseeing reference, instruction, training, and some other things I’m no doubt forgetting.

But more immediately, it means I’m moving offices. I’m currently on the top (third) floor of the library, and I’ll now be back on the first floor–ironically in the same office where I started here. It’s smaller, but closer to the public. I really don’t care where I work at all. I’m bringing my chair and computer with me, and the rest is just window dressing–though cleaning my old office and moving my crud is kind of a pain. Though on the plus side, I still have the same stapler.

So that’s what’s going on here. I suppose I really should mosey over to LinkedIn and put in a new job title, but I think I’ll wait to do that until the ink’s dry on the contract. Just announcing this publicly now because of the literal office move.

Long story short? Same building, lots of the same duties, some new ones, and a new office.

Maybe this should have been more of a Twitter-length announcement . . .

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  1. Been there done that and despite rumors of an end to the recession I won’t be getting any less. Does this mean you will get to come to the Circulation heads retreat in July?

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