The Wind of Change

Followers of ze blog know that my life has had a fair bit of upheaval lately. Whether it was lawn tractors spontaneously dying, roofs blowing off my house, teeth getting knocked out, or positions at work being eliminated, I’ve about had it with change at this point. I feel like what I could really use is a nice long spell of boring.

The good news is that some things are finally beginning to settle to a point where I might just maybe have an idea about when we may see a Return to Boring. The new lawn mower came yesterday, and I got it set up and tested it out. Works like a charm. So that’s something. But in much more important news, clarity is beginning to emerge at my workplace. I’m not ready to totally announce what that clarity is (mainly because I don’t completely understand what it is myself just yet), but it looks like it could be much less than horrible. Maybe even good.

When that’s how you describe your prospects, you know you’ve been going through a rough patch.

And really, I’ve had to force myself to cut myself some slack lately. I’m typically a very tough boss when it comes to what I require from myself. I write 1000 words a day. No. Matter. What. Except the last couple of days, I haven’t. It really bugs me, and I feel awful doing it, but I came to the point where I asked myself what advice I would give to someone who came to me in my situation and described what they were going through.

I’d tell them to lay off a bit and take a breather.

It’s easier to give advice than it is to take it, but I’m trying. I was to the point where I was really struggling to find much optimism or things to feel happy about, and that’s not a good point to be at.

Don’t worry, everyone. I’m not permanently stuck in the mud, and I’m not clinically depressed. I’m actually feeling quite optimistic at the moment. I’m the sort of person who hates not knowing what the future holds. I like to plan my life, and when those plans get blown up, I get seriously stressed out. So to have things begin to settle down again–it’s a very welcome change.

In any case, know that things are looking brighter for yours truly, and that I’ll have some good news to share in the not so distant future. (Not writing news, but we’ll take any good news we can get!)

(Also, big bonus points to anyone who can put the pieces together between the title to this post and the picture I used to accompany it. And because they’re now stuck in my head, here you go. I’m seriously thinking about changing my hairstyle to match that Kansas violinist.)

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