My First Book

I’ve posted up the text of my first book–written when I was in third grade. Take it for the comic relief it’s intended as. If I had had a mind for marketing back then, I should have tried to get it published. That would have show that Paolini kid a thing or two. Maybe I could claim I’m still a third grader, and see if I could still try that route.

No–that would mean I’d have to shave my beard off. Who ever heard of a bearded third grader?

2 thoughts on “My First Book”

  1. I am impressed that you knew the word “bisect” in third grade. I am also amused that the story ends in the middle of a sentence, and that “no one has ever come back from there” is a good reason in a third graders mind to go visit some place.
    LOL. Thanks for sharing. I should dredge up my very first story…I have it somewhere. I wrote it in third grade, and it’s about a dragon and his treasure.

  2. Please Do
    I’d love to see what my competition was doing back then. 😉 Actually, I remember looking up all those words in a thesaurus, as I recall. Just like I looked up pterodactyl in the encyclopedia (and the sewage system) to get the details right. I was so meticulous.

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