My Third Grader’s Special Talent: VIDEO

To celebrate completing third grade and moving on to the next school, my son’s school does a third grade talent show, where students can volunteer to share their talents with the whole school. TRC was all for it. He’s been attending rehearsals after school for the past month or so, excitedly looking forward to the big day. I took time off work so I could walk over and watch. The show was pretty impressive: there were piano solos, dance routines, guitar solos, poetry recitals, soccer tricks, and more.

What did TRC decide to do?

Well, how about I just show you. He’s the tall one. Here’s the video:

That’s right. He ran into walls and fell down.

When he told me that was his plan for the talent show, I was kind of stumped. I didn’t see how it was a talent. But watching him entertain the whole school this morning? It all clicked together. The kid just loves entertaining people. It was the best darn running-into-walls-and-falling-down display I’ve seen. 🙂

Hard to believe tomorrow’s his last day. Third grade, in the record books. Bring on summer.

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